How to Swap Facebook Reactions Emoji With Pokemon, Donald Trump, and More

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Facebook recently expanded its ‘Like’ icon to a full six-pack of ‘Reaction’ emoji characters showing Like, Love, Laughing, Wow, Sad, and Angry emotions for comments and statuses. This eliminated odd situations where people used to ‘Like’ statuses with a sad message and gave them flexibility to react in a more appropriate way.

However, thanks to a developer named Rodney Folz, there is now a more fun way to use Facebook’s emoji Reactions as you can now swap them with Donald Trump faces, Pokemon characters, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, or other icons of your own. Folz is calling it a Reaction Packs.

Here’s how you can now change those regular inbuilt reaction emoji characters on Facebook with other characters on the Chrome and Firefox desktop browser versions.

  1. Open the Web browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) on your computer.

  2. Download and install ‘Reaction Packs for Facebook’ plugin for Firefox or Chrome.

  3. Go to the Reaction Packs website and choose the pack you want to see on Facebook.

  4. Open your Facebook account in the same browser and hit refresh. Once done, you will then see the new reaction packs on Facebook instead of those original Reaction emoji faces.

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To make it more customisable, you can also upload your own reaction pack by following the guidelines given in the website. Unfortunately, only you or others who have installed the plugin can see the new emoji characters. Those who have not installed the plugin will see the regular emoji reactions on Facebook (both on desktop and mobile apps). The plugins are also not available on any of the mobile app versions.

It’s really that simple. What would you go for? Pokemon characters, Donald Trump faces, or something else, maybe Game of Throne characters? Tell us via the comments.

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